Donor Levels

As stated previously, the Foundation’s role is to raise funds and then allocate them to programmes that will increase participation and ultimately increase golf club membership numbers. Our goal is to raise $1m over the next two years through the following donor levels:-

  • This programme is based on each member of each golf club being asked to contribute $20 p.a to the WA Golf Foundation. Correspondence will be forwarded to Affiliated Clubs to gain their support and if agreed, the fee will be put on the Members Club Annual Subscription Notice. Importantly the members must be given the opportunity to opt out.
  • The benefit of this programme is that if successful on an ongoing basis, it gives a solid base on which to fund a range of programmes.
  • The goal is to get 20% of club members to subscribe to this in the next two years = 6000 members = $120,000 p.a growing to 50% in five years
  • SUPPORTER – $100 P.A
  • MEMBER – $350 P.A
  • GOLD MEMBER – $1000 P.A
  • FOUNDING MEMBER – $10,000 – this can be paid in instalments spread over a max of 5 years
  • PATRON – $25,000 – of which we already have two – Greg Chalmers and Nick O’Hern

Tax Deductibility

The WA Golf Foundation has registered a sports development project with the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd (ASF).

This enables donations to the ASF in support of the WA Golf Foundation project as the preferred beneficiary, to be tax deductible. However this will not apply to the “Will You Chip In?” Programme as the level of administration does not make it viable for the $20 to be Tax Deductible.

How will the system actually work?

  • Donations outside of the “Will You Chip In?” Programme will go to the Australian Sports Foundation nominating the WA Golf Foundation as the preferred beneficiary
  • The WAGF will be considered for discretionary grants from the ASF every 2 months
  • Golfing organisations will apply to the WA Golf Foundation for funding
  • Trustees will assess application, needs, projected outcomes etc
  • Funds will then be allocated
  • A Summary Report will be required from the recipient organisation following the completion of the programme
The "Will You Chip In?" programme is based on each member of each golf club being asked to contribute $20 p.a to the WA Golf Foundation.