Intent and role of the WA Golf  Foundation

Following the merger of the WAGA and WGWA to form GolfWA in 2011, it was resolved that the role at the Graham Marsh Junior Golf Foundation in conducting events for boys and girls was no longer relevant as GolfWA now undertook this important role. 

As a result in 2012, The WA Golf Foundation replaced the Graham Marsh Junior Golf Foundation, expanding its scope to support golf at all levels, not just juniors.

Run and managed by Trustees representing both Golf WA and the PGA of Australia WA Division, the intent of the WA Golf Foundation is to provide support and funding to golfing organisations for:

  • The promotion of golf as a vehicle to develop healthy lifestyles, social skills and acceptable community values.
  • The promotion of golfing activities amongst all amateur golfers;
  • The encouragement and assistance to Golf WA and all affiliated golf clubs to improve and expand their development program for juniors and adults. Previously there has been little emphasis placed on development programs for adults. However, with the challenges that golf faces in competing with other sports, an increasing focus of the Foundation will be to provide funding for programs that target adults who have not played the game before.
  • The teaching of the rules and etiquette of golf;
  • The securing of instruction, practice and playing privileges and concessions for junior golfers in Western Australia;
  • The encouragement and assistance in the establishment of golf program in schools throughout Western Australia;
  • The encouragement and assistance to golfing bodies that provide programs for the disabled, indigenous and other minority groups.
  • The encouragement and assistance to local government and authorities and public golf course controllers to develop and expand developmental golf programs.
  • Assistance to clubs and district associations in the provision of facilities and equipment to support developmental initiatives

Why is the  Foundation’s role important?

There has been much published in recent times about memberships trends in golf and WA is not immune to these trends. Whilst membership numbers have decreased by approximately 1% p.a nationally the last 15 years or so, the rate of decrease is slowing. In WA membership increased from 2011 to 2014 but has shown minor decreases in 2015 and 2016. Positively, membership numbers increased in 2017 and have remained level since then.

There is no doubt that regional clubs, in particular, are having difficulties in retaining and attracting members. Some of this is due to the aging population; people retiring from their farms and moving to Perth or towns on the west coast and the mining downturn has had an impact.

One of the major issues is that many of the smaller regional clubs do not have the resources to implement new programs and initiative and this is when the Foundation plays a vital role in funding new programs.  

Since 2012, the WAGF has funded 114 programs (as of December 2019) and we are seeing some great success stories in many clubs already. Hence it is important that this assistance continues.


Increasing golf participation is the primary focus

One of the Foundation’s key roles will be the allocation of funding at a grassroots level. This will be for men and women and for boys and girls to receive golf instruction from experienced Professional Golf Association (PGA) and accredited Community Instructors including Adult Beginners Clinics throughout the year; metropolitan and country development programs; the fantastic MYGolf Schools Program and another key role of the Foundation will be to allocate funding for development program for minority groups such as the disabled and indigenous. This will occur in metropolitan Perth as well as regional centres.

Talent Identification

Not only is it important to provide opportunities at a grassroots level, it is also essential that the WA Golf Foundation continues to provide opportunities for the more talented juniors through Grants for scholarships or underprivileged / remotely located children.

Community and Development

Growing the game’s profile is a crucial goal of the Foundation and this will be done through:-

  • Community Promotion and Publicity
  • Expos
  • Media Exposure


The Foundation will also ensure that district associations and clubs throughout the state, particularly the smaller regional clubs, receive grants for the provision of golfing equipment and resources that will enhance their club’s development program.

Benefits of being a donor to  the WA Golf Foundation

The most important benefit donors will receive is that they will be contributing to the growth of the game.

The key to the Foundations success is the raising of funds. Currently, we receive fantastic support from many metropolitan clubs via the “Will You Chip In?” program. We also receive great support from individual donors. Should you be interested in supporting the WAGF, contact details are below or you can complete the Donor or Pledge form at the top of this page.



The most important benefit donors will receive is that they will be contributing to the growth of the game.