The opening round of WA Golf Foundation programmes have commenced around Western Australia with great success.

The Lake King Golf Club received funding from the WA Golf Foundation for a Development Coaching Programme for Adult and Junior Golfers in the Easters and Great Southern Region.

Below is a summary of the event from the Lake King Golf Club.

Held on the 29th and 30th of March the Lake King Golf Club hosted a Junior & Senior Golf Coaching Weekend. Our club was incredibly lucky to have two of Perth’s top coaching Pro’s, Andy Mowatt and Matt Stapleton travel down from Perth and provide us with some top level golf coaching. We had a great turn out with lots of people coming along to make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

On Saturday the kids had lots of fun with Matt and were very busy learning all the tricks of golf. They proved to be very fast learners and were keen to try all the different aspects of the game. They certainly had lots of energy. Matt was very impressed with how well the kids behaved and at how quickly they grasped all the concepts, there are some budding golfers amongst them. Andy spent the day working with the seniors, it was great to watch everyone improve as the day went on. Andy was also very impressed at the level of knowledge and skills that were retained by those that attended the weekend last year. It was wonderful to see some new comers come along for a go, it is always great to see people improve and gain more confidence as their skill base grows. Saturday night was once again a fantastic evening full of good food and good company.

Sunday morning was a very busy with people receiving one on one coaching and club fittings from Andy and Matt. The afternoon was completed with a casual 9 holes where everyone got to put to use all their new knowledge and skills.

As with all events they would not be possible without people coming forward and giving their time, support and hard work. To everyone that helped organise, prepare the fairway, pick up balls, cook, clean and serve, a HUGE thank you to you all, it was a successful weekend and it would not have been possible without your help, support and dedication.

The golf club would also like to send a HUGE thank you to our sponsors for the weekend, The WA Golf Foundation, Western Areas and the CBH Group. To have three major sponsors that were willing to fund and support our weekend is absolutely fantastic, the Lake King Golf Club is incredibly appreciative of their kind and generous sponsorship.

Firstly to our major sponsor The WA Golf Foundation. The WA Golf Foundation has replaced the Graham Marsh Junior Golf Foundation and is expanding its scope to support golf at all levels, not just juniors. Run and managed by Trustees representing both Golf WA and the PGA of Australia WA/NT Division, the intent of the WA Golf Foundation is to provide support and funding to golfing organisations for such things as;

  • Increasing golf participation.
  • The promotion of golf as a vehicle to develop healthy lifestyles, social skills and acceptable community values.
  • The promotion of golfing activities amongst all amateur golfers.
  • The encouragement and assistance to Golf WA and all affiliated golf clubs to improve and expand their development programmes for juniors and adults.
  • Teaching of the rules and etiquette of golf.
  • Coaching.
  • Allocation of funding at grass roots level.
  • Talent Identification.
  • Grants for under privileged / remotely located children.
  • Grants to send talented juniors to additional tournaments / events in Australia and overseas.
  • Scholarships for talented junior golfers.
  • Community development.
  • The Foundation will also ensure that district associations and clubs throughout the state, particularly the smaller regional clubs, receive grants for the provision of golfing equipment and resources that will enhance their club’s development programme.

A huge thanks to Gary Thomas and everyone at the WA Golf Foundation. Their initiatives and grant programs go a long way to help small country clubs. It is absolutely fantastic that sporting foundations are now realising that so much sport and sporting talent is located well outside the 100km radius of Perth. Grass roots sport starts with the small country clubs and it is wonderful to see funding directed to these groups.

We would also like to send a very big thank you to Andy and Matt for once again travelling down and providing the coaching for the weekend. Both have incredibly busy schedules and other commitments, so it is awesome that they are able to dedicate a full weekend to our club. To have two Pro’s that have enormous knowledge and love for golf who are willing to travel and share these skills is outstanding for our club and an unbelievable opportunity for those that attend. Both speak very highly of our club and of everyone they have met, this is a huge compliment and something that we should be very proud of as they are involved with many clubs and communities throughout WA. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing them back again next year.

Finally we would like to say a big thank you to all those that attended and supported the weekend. It takes a large amount of hard work to organise and bring events like the coaching weekend to our club and it is wonderful to have people come along and bring the community together through sport.