If there was ever a story of opportunity, creativity and vision then the members of Denmark Country Club have a tale to tell.

Golf clubs nationwide are always on the lookout for ways to increase income, boost membership numbers and raise awareness and attendance at club events. Denmark Country Club found a way to do all three.

Many may remember Rosehill Golf Course located in South Guildford Perth where avid golfers went to improve their game or distract themselves from daily pressures by hitting golf balls on the range.

Denmark Country Club member, Bob Smith, spent hours on the Rosehill range. Bob would often let his grandkids tag along to hit balls and practice the game he loves.  

Opportunity –

In 2015 the Rosehill Golf Course was to be closed to make way for redevelopment into a residential estate.

Upon hearing about the imminent closure of Rosehill, Bob jumped on the phone to the General Manager of Rosehill to ask what the fate their driving range was resigned to.

After consultation, an agreement was made; Bob and a team of members from Denmark would demolish the structure and relocate the driving range to the Denmark Country Club. 

Creativity –

Keith Simpson, a member of the Denmark Country Club who has a background as a draughtsman, gathered the original plans for the driving range and redrew the new site plan.

With support from the Shire of Denmark, the driving range was approved, and Denmark Country Club was set to have a brand-new facility. 

Les Wolfe, Phil Oxbrow, Bruce Pringle, David Wallace, Phil Middleton and Bob Smith travelled to Perth and in just three days dismantled the driving range structure and drove it back down to Denmark.

Vision –

By grasping an opportunity and being creative, Denmark Country Club is starting to attract the local community, non-golfers and golfers across the Great Southern into their facility.

GolfWA’s Regional Support Officer Shaun Malone is working with Graham Buckland (Club Operations Manager) to assist in growing the game by developing new programs and initiatives.

GolfWA is working hard to find ways to assist and allow country clubs to work together for the betterment of their community.

As more clubs are experiencing struggles to retain membership and an aging member base, our Regional Support Officers will help build strong mentoring relationships and offer workshops to assist regional clubs.

The WA Golf Foundation offers valuable funding that can help your club grow and expand. Please contact Golf WA or your Regional Support Officers for information on WA Golf Foundation Funding applications.