Continued Support for the Ready Steady Golf Program

The Ready Steady Golf program has provided an opportunity for those at The Vines with special needs to learn the game of golf in a fun, friendly and supportive environment for the best part of a decade now. Midweek programs for adults and separate programs on Saturdays for young children and teenagers are offered in line with the school terms. The program services younger children and adults with severe limitations using modified SNAG (Starting New at Golf) equipment and allows higher functioning participants to learn basic golf skills through golf related games with conventional equipment.

“Ryland has actually pulled a lot of his hair out under his cap. He has sores all over his scalp from stress and anxiety. Here’s a huge win though: “I like playing on the course with other kids and sociable mum, especially because the kids are around my age”. This is massive for Ryland with his autism and anxiety”. Paula G, mother of Ryland who is aged 11, spoke fondly of what the program has been able to do for her son since joining the Ready Steady Golf in 2019. Since joining, Ryland has progressed through to the mainstream junior program at The Vines before eventually becoming a member of the club. Previously he only felt comfortable on his own on the driving range and wouldn’t play with other children.

Following some fantastic promotion of the program which garnered close to six thousand views across media channels, the program has grown to 93 participants and over 270 enrolments ion programs across 2020. Considering the lingering threat of COVID 19, the program’s growth across the year is a fantastic result. Five of these participants progressed during the year to mainstream programs and retained their junior membership at The Vines from 2019. Another young man with Asperger’s Syndrome, who has been a part of the program since 2015, was gifted a membership for his 21st birthday.

Mark Tibbles, who has coordinated the program since its inception was awarded Game Development Awards from the Golf Industry Council and the WA PGA. He dedicates those awards to WA Golf Foundation and to the golf clubs, facilities and individuals, who have donated and supported his programs over the years and thanks them for their continued support.

“I would like to sincerely thank the WA Golf Foundation and its Board of Trustees for ensuring the success of the Ready Steady Golf program in 2020 and for their continued support in sponsoring the program in 2021. This program couldn’t operate the way it does and on the scale that it does without this level of support. Thank you too on behalf of our many participants, most of whom are non-verbal, who love having fun at golf”.

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