GolfWA’s Ian ‘Chook’ Fowler, and PGA Professional Rob Farley have returned motivated and inspired after an amazingly successful WA Golf Foundation Tour of the North-West.  The gents were successful at growing the game, increasing participation and enjoying the health benefits of golf and friendship.

“The level of engagement and community spirit we encountered on this trip was nothing short of incredible,” shared Chook.  “We had some great support from schools but were surprised by over 35 kids attending, all of them focussed and excited about the sport and enjoying their local community club.  Many had excellent hand-eye coordination, which Rob masterfully turned into magnificent golf swings.  They were supported by talented local teaching staff, and truly wanted to learn.”

Chook and Rob spent four days in Derby, working with the Club, local teenagers and the growing number of female members enjoying the sport.  “The atmosphere really was incredible, and how the ladies still manage to play in the heat and bring their kids along to enjoy the club is truly amazing.  Saying that, there is a lot of support we need to continue to offer these Regional communities,” reflected Chook.

Prior to arriving in Derby, Chook and Rob were unsure of numbers and levels of interest.  The idea had originally been generated by Heather Zoetilief from Derby, keen to develop Ladies’ membership and local participation. What was thought was going to be a series of clinics, grew and grew, and we could not believe how word of mouth travelled. When it became known PGA Rob Farley was in town, Rob ended up coaching full days.  Cars continued to arrive of local men and women interested in learning the game and enjoying the club community.”

“What we have really learnt from this trip is that the face-to-face method of communication with clubs is the only system that works. Emails, calls, it’s just not how it’s done in the regions and it is so critical that we make a continued effort to support on a personal basis.  Just pop in for a chat – there are some wonderful characters that can really benefit and appreciate the expertise of the GolfWA team, increasing participation and improving club health. The one-to-one conversations I’ve had during this trip have given me a great sense of achievement, but also excitement about the future, and how a little effort can go a long way.”