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One of the best things about playing sport outside the big cities of Australia is the home-spun community spirit that welcomes you. Every footy club, bowling green or golf clubhouse around the country has it like a municipal bearing for the … Read More

If you have ever travelled back to Perth along the Great Eastern Highway there is every chance you have stopped off in Bakers Hill for a pie or sausage roll.

The shop is an institution of modern-day folklore that you … Read More

Venture to Kwinana Golf Club on a Thursday afternoon and you are greeted by the sort of organised chaos that can help describe Western Australia’s growing worldwide reputation as a leader in producing golfing talent. Read More »

Margaret River Golf Club has enjoyed a boom of interest ahead of its Western Australian Golf Foundation funded initiative to grow the game of golf among women in the south-west region. Read More »

“We needed new members. We needed to find a hook that would bring in fresh faces to our club.” It is an all too familiar refrain for many sporting clubs, let alone golf clubs, around the country as the luxuries … Read More